Ms. Yu

Mandarin Subject Expert Teacher

Born and raised in China, Ms. Yue Yu earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature from Sichuan University, located in Wuhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Upon completion of her undergraduate education, she came to the United States to pursue her graduate studies; in 2016, she earned her Master of Arts degree in Dual Language Education from San Diego State University.

As a Mandarin Subject Expert Teacher, Ms. Yu was attracted to BASIS Independent Fremont because of the advanced curriculum and the high expectations that are very similar to the schools she attended in China. Her teaching philosophy is greatly impacted by her own personal experiences, and she firmly believes that motivation and hard work will make students life-long language learners.

Ms. Yu’s main priority is to make her class “a place where students can stay motivated and inspired.” Her class provides students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a language learning environment by listening, speaking, reading, and writing through a variety of engaging activities. Last year, she witnessed students’ tremendous improvement in Mandarin learning and their interest in making the language a part of their lives. The students practiced so much and were able to progress from saying “Ni Hao” in a small voice to confident, daily Mandarin conversations about their family, hobbies and even dreams!

Besides basic language learning, Ms. Yu also plans weekly culture classes that allow students to learn more about Chinese culture, from films, to festivals, history, and art. For many students, culture class is their favorite part of Mandarin!

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Yu enjoys cooking, watching movies, and traveling. She also likes to explore good food in the Bay Area, and her homemade Sichuan dishes are always popular on the table!