Ms. Sagal

Latin/Classics Subject Expert Teacher

 Ms. Sagal joined the founding faculty at BASIS Independent Fremont as the Latin and Classics Subject Expert Teacher. She graduated from Oberlin College with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Greek Language and Literature and in Latin Language and Literature with Honors. From there, she went on to Tufts University, where she earned her Master of Arts degree in Classics.

Ms. Sagal is excited to be at BASIS Independent Fremont “because the rigorous curriculum encourages students to think beyond memorizing words on a page.” Furthermore, she believes that students reach true learning when they are allowed to think and solve problems outside a list of facts learned for a test.

Ms. Sagal teaches for the “Aha!” moment, “that instant when a student puts together the puzzle pieces and comes to a new realization,” she says.  As an educator, she knows “that instant of realization can push students past a basic understanding to a full application of their knowledge. That, in turn, can further their comprehension both of the content and the puzzles they will see in other materials and subjects.”

Her goal “is not merely to teach the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary, but to work towards the skills inherent in the study of Latin that are applicable beyond the scope of the classroom. Latin can improve a student’s understanding of English, cognitive and analytical skills, and knowledge of history and ancient culture.” She wants “to give my students the tools of analysis, interpretation, and writing ability, so that they can succeed in both the academic world and their future careers. These skills and opportunities will let them reach those “Aha!” moments in every problem they confront.”