Mr. Harter

Visual Arts Subject Expert Teacher


In 2009, Mr. Harter graduated from Columbia College earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and went on that same year to teach English in South Korea. Mr. Harter came back to the United States with an even stronger passion for education, which led him to join the Teach for America Corps in 2013. While teaching a demanding schedule, he simultaneously pursued a degree at Loyola Marymount University and received his teaching credential and a Master’s degree in Education in 2015.

Mr. Harter feels immense joy teaching art at BASIS Independent Fremont. He strives to build a love and passion for the arts with his students that will last a lifetime. “I chose to teach at BASIS Independent because there is a passion for learning in the hearts of everyone in the community. This love for learning and a desire for deeper understanding is a constant source of motivation. When attention and trust is established between teacher and students, talents can be sculpted, achievements hung on the wall, and mistakes corrected with will power. In building these solid relationships, I hope to bring a sense of determination and poise that will stay with each student as they move on in their education.”

“It is my goal that students pursue their passions as I cultivate the conditions in which they can learn. In doing this, I’m confident they will be able to paint a future of their choosing,” says Mr. Harter.

When he is not teaching, Mr. Harter can be found hiking, camping, reading, enjoying music, and working on his own artwork.