Ms. Villanueva

Humanities & English Subject Expert Teacher


Ms. Villanueva graduated from San Francisco State University in January 2016, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education. During her undergraduate career, she volunteered in the San Francisco Unified School District as an English tutor with the non-profit organization 826 Valencia. In addition to being a full-time student, she also worked part-time as a writing instructor at an after-school learning center for two years. She is pleased to have experience working with students of all twelve grade levels.

This is Ms. Villanueva’s 2nd year teaching at BASIS Independent Fremont. Ms. Villanueva previously taught 4th grade as a Learning Expert Teacher and currently teaches 2nd grade Humanities and 6th grade English. “As much as I enjoyed last school year, I am thrilled that I am able to pursue a subject I truly love. I am excited to introduce my students to diverse authors and hope they discover a new appreciation for writing. While it is important to learn how to produce a quality essay, I also want students to see that writing can also be a fun way to express yourself.”

In addition to teaching students how to develop their reading and writing skills, Ms. Villanueva creates lessons that go beyond the classroom. “One of my favorite memories from my first year at BASIS Independent Fremont was teaching students the significance behind Black History Month. Students learned the meaning behind important terms ranging from “stereotypes” to “segregation” by reading short stories and writing a research report on a historical figure of their choice. We had class discussions about oppression that people experienced and why it is important to not judge others based on appearance or differences.” Ms. Villanueva encourages kindness and respect to be reciprocated not only in her classroom, but outside of school as well.

When Ms. Villanueva is not teaching she enjoys exercising, eating at new restaurants, and shopping for new books and decorations for her classroom.