Ms. Villanueva

4th Grade Learning Expert Teacher

Ms. Villanueva graduated from San Francisco State University in January 2016, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education. During her undergraduate career, she volunteered in the San Francisco Unified School District as an English tutor with the non-profit organization 826 Valencia. In addition to being a full-time student, she also worked part-time as a writing instructor at an after-school learning center for two years. She is pleased to have experience working with students of all twelve grade levels.

Ms. Villanueva was attracted to BASIS Independent Fremont because of the accelerated curriculum that offers an abundance of student support. “I attended private schools in the Bay Area for several years and can relate to those moments when children feel overwhelmed or doubt themselves. But I also firmly believe that every child wants to learn and is capable of greatness with the right learning tools. As a Learning Expert Teacher, I will always remind my students that they can achieve any challenging obstacle they encounter with a confident attitude. My goal for my students is to develop self-advocacy at a young age and become mature individuals in and outside of the classroom.”

Ms. Villanueva takes great pride in getting to know each of her students. She wants her students to always feel welcomed when they enter her classroom and leave with a positive learning experience.

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Villanueva enjoys working out, exploring new hiking trails, and watching movies. She is a self-proclaimed child at heart who loves to reminisce about Disney films and Super Mario video games.