Ms. Sutherlin

Learning Expert Teacher: Grade 1

In 2014, Ms. Sutherlin graduated from Humboldt State University earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. In 2015, she received a certificate for Teaching English as Foreign Language. In January 2016, Ms. Sutherlin traveled to Moscow, Russia and taught English to kindergarten students.

As a Learning Expert Teacher, Ms. Sutherlin’s goal as an educator is to provide students with a safe and fun environment in which to learn and thrive in. Ms. Sutherlin chose to work at BASIS Independent Fremont because of the unique curriculum and environment where students can grow and become independent learners.

"I know that I am preparing students for the challenges that will happen in the real world. I look forward to creating a teaching environment that incorporates different teaching methods. I believe in creating a multicultural community environment and integrating creativity in a variety of subjects."

“A classroom is a small community and that is how it should be run; students should learn how to act as, and support, a community. I hope to create a learning environment that is helpful and creative,” says Ms. Sutherlin.

When Ms. Sutherlin is not in the classroom, you can find her visiting art museums, cooking, reading a good book, or exploring different parts of the Bay Area.