Ms. Tucker-Johnsen

Math/Science Subject Expert Teacher

 Ms. Tucker-Johnsen grew up in Fresno, CA and graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Biology. After graduating, she taught English in Japanese elementary and middle schools for several years. Ms. Tucker-Johnsen then earned her doctorate in Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While a graduate student, she tutored and led sections for graduate and undergraduate Biology courses, including working as a Technical Instructor for an undergraduate Introductory Biology course. Ms. Tucker-Johnsen finished her doctorate in 2016 and is excited to be at BASIS Independent Fremont as a Subject Expert Teacher of Math and Science! "I enjoy working with the bright, excited students at BASIS Independent Fremont, who are motivated to learn Math and Science," she says.

"My goal is for my Math students to gain a deep and flexible understanding of mathematical concepts, so that they can apply math fluently to their everyday lives and appreciate its beauty. My goal for my Science students is that they understand the fundamentals of the scientific method—how do you ask a question, how must an experiment be designed to accurately ask a question, and what happens after the experiment is done? We are all scientists in our daily lives, trying things out and seeing what happens, so knowing how to get the best answers to our questions is an important life skill," says Ms. Tucker-Johnsen.