Ms. Lopez

Science Subject Expert Teacher


Ms. Lopez received her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Earth Science degree in 2013 from the University of California, Santa Cruz. After receiving her degree she went to work for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. "I worked with their education department where I taught students in kindergarten through college earth science, biology and environmental studies. I loved seeing students spark an interest in the sciences in our microscope lab and through outdoor exploration," says Ms. Lopez.

As a Teaching Fellow at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, she had the opportunity to teach 5th grade Physical Geography. Her goal at BASIS Independent is "to help create an environment where students can reach and exceed academic goals through an understanding and interest of the material,” she says.

"The reason why I choose to work at BASIS Independent Fremont is that we offer students an education where they grow as learners and are able to gain a deep understanding and excel in the liberal arts fields," Ms. Lopez says.

"I enjoy spending my time outdoors, and as an animal lover, I seek out any opportunity I can to come across wildlife." Ms. Lopez loves to hike, bird watch, craft, visit nature reserves, and occasionally make ice cream from scratch.