Ms. Burley

Performing Arts Subject Expert Teacher


Ms. Burley received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and a Master of Education degree in Teaching and Learning from Ohio State University. Ms. Burley possesses a Pre-Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade Drama/Theatre teaching license.  

Her goal as an educator is to use drama as a vehicle to help students excel academically and artistically. Ms. Burley’s integrated approach to teaching drama motivates students to reach their highest potential. She provides a supportive learning environment that inspires a love of learning within each student. Ms. Burley is passionate about teaching drama and provides challenging curriculum that is both fun and engaging.

Ms. Burley’s own philosophy is a perfect match to the BASIS Independent approach to education. She loves developing drama lessons within the framework of a STEM-focused, liberal arts curriculum. She believes strongly in building the connection between the arts and STEM subjects, preparing students to engage in critical and creative thinking as well as collaborative inquiry.  

“The core of my teaching philosophy is to enhance students’ understanding of academic curriculum and to build social skills through drama exploration. My lessons artfully integrate drama with academics which investigate global perspectives on topics. I create a classroom environment that fosters collaboration and encourages students to work as a community of learners. I invite my students to recognize how their unique skillsets and interests contribute to the classroom as a whole. I create a safe space where students feel empowerment through their learning, sparking creativity that will shape our future,” says Ms. Burley.

Ms. Burley enjoys teaching and practicing yoga. She has participated in training workshops with Marcel Marceau and the Royal Shakespeare Company.