Mr. Miller

Teaching Fellow

Mr. Miller graduated from Montana State University with an Elementary Education degree and mathematics emphasis. He was able to teach under a “Montana Teacher of the Year” candidate while working with 6th graders in every subject level. He is very passionate about teaching and working with kids in every aspect possible.

He has had experience working with children for many years through many different experiences. A large part of that experience comes from coaching soccer, tennis, basketball and swim team. He carries that competitive spirit with him wherever he goes and with whatever he does. He uses that competitive edge to become the best possible teacher that he can, and provide his students with the best educational experience possible.

"My teaching philosophy is based around the ideals of teamwork, communication, self-reliance and inclusiveness. When students are able to consistently work together, they create a sense of community which helps to create a safe and amazing place to learn. I will be able to create this space through the skill of inclusiveness as well. Making sure that each child feels heard and included throughout the learning process. One way this can be achieved is through team building exercises. This safe space then allows the students to communicate properly and participate in stimulating conversations and debates. The skill of self-reliance is something that students will need in every classroom and every day for the rest of their lives. I will work to build skills like organization and self-motivation in my students, which will help them to become amazing life-long learners," he says.