Ms. Hewitt

Transitional Kindergarten Teaching Fellow


Ms. Juanita Hewitt earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Additionally, she pursued a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology in order to “readily assist her students in accessing information far beyond the scope of their traditional textbooks.” Ms. Hewitt has more than sixteen years of teaching experience, nine of which were dedicated to serving students at an inner-city school in Georgia.

Ms. Hewitt’s passion for teaching led her to BASIS Independent Fremont where she observed students connecting on a powerfully different level, engaging their minds and bodies to impact the overall atmosphere of the learning environment. The commitment and drive of the students and staff is what convinced her to leave Georgia and head for California!

When she is not caught up with schoolwork, she likes to cook, bake, and garden. Hiking, sitting on the beach, exploring, and travelling are some of the things Ms. Hewitt likes doing as well.