Mr. Wagoner

Learning Expert Teacher: Grade 1

Mr. Wagoner received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Sociology from Cornell College, and a Master of Arts in Reading Literacy from Ashford University. Mr. Wagoner spent several years abroad teaching across all grade levels in Korea, during which time he was able to develop curriculum for elementary students aimed at improving English language acquisition.

As a Learning Expert Teacher, Mr. Wagoner has a focus on making sure that all students deeply engage with the joy of learning. His goal for his students is to show them that “everything is interesting; nothing is boring.” Mr. Wagoner believes that engaging students in the content through active participation, inquiry, and creation draws students into a love of learning that will last a lifetime. As a result, he has an active classroom where students regularly work together.

When he’s not in the classroom, Mr. Wagoner loves spending time playing board games, cooking for his wife, or reading a good book. His favorite books are science fiction and fantasy because “books have a power to take us to amazing places that can exist only in our minds.”