Ms. Habibi

Kindergarten Teaching Fellow

Ms. Habibi did not immediately set out to become a teacher. After receiving a degree in Environmental Health from Chamran University in Iran, she spent time as an environmental health technician. After relocating to the United States, though, Ms. Habibi decided to change careers and move into teaching. She went on to receive a degree in Early Childhood Education from West Valley College, and has since taught at multiple private schools in the Bay area.

Ms. Habibi enjoys teaching at BASIS Independent Fremont because the school focuses on the whole child. She believes that, at BIF, “students are encouraged to take on challenges, to manage the inevitable disappointments and to understand that the most authentic, joyous feelings of accomplishment are not given or bought, but earned.” Ms. Habibi’s goal is to create a safe environment that fosters a love of learning in her students. Hers is an active classroom that encourages students to participate and get involved. This is because she strongly believes that “children learn best from experience. They learn by doing, using their senses, exploring their environment of people, things, places and events.”

When not at school, Ms. Habibi enjoys going out for dinner with her family, reading and drinking coffee at Barnes & Noble, and spending hours and hours in Michael’s buying supplies for her classroom!