Dr. Hong

Mandarin Subject Expert Teacher

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature from Zhejiang University in China, Dr. Hong came to the U.S. to pursue a degree in 2011. After five years of study at the University of Georgia, Dr. Hong received a Doctor of Philosophy in language and literacy education. Her primary research and teaching interest has been exploring how to nurture a dialogical classroom within which students can engage in discussions about language and culture under the guidance of teachers. She has edited a book, together with the other colleagues, about dialogical classrooms during her research and studies at the University of Georgia. The book—Teaching Outside the Box but Inside the Standards: Making Room for Dialogue was published by Teachers Colleague, Columbia University in 2015.

Dr. Hong transferred to BASIS Independent Fremont from BASIS Goodyear (Arizona). She was drawn to this school because of the high standards BASIS Independent schools have for their students, and the passion and enthusiasm of BASIS teachers to serve their students. Dr. Hong thinks students learn best when their interests are fully motivated and when their learning has a close relationship to their daily lives. In that case, students are more willing to be responsible for their own learning and take control of their learning. She is looking forward to finding ways for her students to connect to learning a new language, and to celebrating cultural events in her classroom.

When she’s not teaching, Dr. Hong enjoys playing with her cat and going on hikes with her husband.