Ms. Gousia

Math/Science Subject Expert Teacher

Ms. Firdous Gousia received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Riverside. Initially pursuing a degree in genetics, Ms. Gousia realized that her passion was in teaching. She went on to earn a Masters of Arts degree in Education with an emphasis in Instruction Delivery and Curriculum Design. She also earned her Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials at UCR. Ms. Gousia has taught across a variety of grade levels at Bay Area private and charter schools.

As a math/science Subject Expert Teacher, Ms. Gousia’s goal is to empower students with experiences that build factual knowledge and establish a classroom culture that fosters grit and a growth mindset. Her classroom is student centric and she always evolves her teaching strategies to incorporate every child’s needs. In the process of enabling children to reach their highest potential, her goal is to ensure that students develop a high self-concept and grow into individuals who make life-enhancing choices - for themselves and for their communities.

BASIS Independent Fremont appealed to Ms. Gousia because the network of BASIS Curriculum schools unifies learners all over the world with one goal - attaining knowledge that improves lives. It is a 21st century institution in every sense. It trusts the experts with delivering content to diverse learners and in the process establishes communities that thrive on making life-enhancing, rational choices.

When not in class, Ms. Gousia enjoy cutting through the wind while running.