A globally benchmarked academic program proven to be one of the best in the world. A purpose-built campus to maximize the student experience. Teachers who do everything in their power to inspire and support. Unparalleled student outcomes. Discover the benefits of a BASIS Independent Fremont education.
  • Our globally benchmarked, nationally ranked curriculum is a distinct blend of liberal arts and sciences that encourages critical thinking, inquiry, and content mastery.

    • From Transitional Kindergarten onward, we emphasize foundational knowledge and critical enquiry, and we provide opportunities to apply that knowledge in dynamic ways. This culminates in classes such as Connections in grades 1–3, logic in grade 7, and economics in grade 8, as well as in hands-on experiences like Project Week.
    • We implement project-based learning to build inquisitiveness and problem-solving skills. Our teachers focus on knowledge application and critical thinking, applying the curriculum to each student individually. Our students learn to question, to analyze, and then to seek their own answers.
    • Our expectations of subject mastery and excellence span across all disciplines. To accomplish this, we provide a purposefully diverse curriculum. For example, students in TK and kindergarten take foundational courses such as Engineering and Mandarin, and as they move up in grade levels they will have Latin, Spanish, and French as language options. We require Physical Education through grade 6. In grades 6–8, students take biology, chemistry, and physics simultaneously. And before students leave grade 8, they will have more humanities credits than any other discipline.
  • Our unique two-teacher LET/SET model curates and customizes the learning experience for each student.

    Not only do we find the top educators in the country to lead our classrooms, we have fashioned a unique teaching model for grades 1–4 that encourages students to take risks academically while having consistent, individualized support. This LET/SETmodel is built from a Learning Expert Teacher who assists a student’s social, emotional, and academic needs throughout the day, and a Subject Expert Teacher in each classroom who bring lessons to life with their extensive expertise. Our teachers are proactive in helping students learn to advocate for themselves and use available resources to support the needs of a dynamic classroom. Read more about our symbiotic classroom.

  • Our dedication to social-emotional wellness inspires growth beyond progress reports.

    Academic growth is a priority, but so is the social-emotional development of our students. By fostering a culture of social and emotional wellness in our classrooms through giving each student individual attention that hones in on their needs, we can better help them develop confidence and social skills, and allow them a safe space to grow and become creative problem-solvers.

  • We provide the right avenues to give students autonomy.

    BASIS Independent Fremont students learn to be self-advocates. All teachers hold weekly student hours where students can come to them with homework, questions, discussion points, concerns, and more. We offer peer tutoring, allowing students to collaborate with classmates and older experienced peers. This accessibility to different support avenues encourages students to proactively engage with their coursework and pursue their own success.