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Our goal is to make the admissions process a seamless, exciting experience. Below are some of the most common FAQs about our program. We know that you are bound to have more questions—please contact us. We're here to help.

What is the application process?

Fall 2017
We are still accepting select applications for the 2017–18 school year for Transitional Kindergarten–grade 6 on a case-by-case basis (Rolling Admissions). Apply now!

Fall 2018
We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year for Transitional Kindergarten–grade 7. Register for our interest list to receive updates from our admissions team.

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The curriculum is challenging; how do I know my child will succeed?

From their very first day as a BASIS Independent student, children see and understand how incredibly serious we take their education and academic growth. Ours is an environment that champions hard work and the belief that all students can achieve amazing feats when they put their minds to it. We are all a team—your child, other students, teachers, managers alike—and the team works together to ensure the success and empowerment of each student. The support your child will receive is unmatched, and the culture that welcomes them each day to explore and learn is warm, spontaneous, alive with curiosity, and always nurturing. Our results are only possible because of our culture of learning. Teachers provide office hours throughout the school week for students. And, students can go to our peer tutoring center Monday through Friday.

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How do you select teachers?

We hire the country's brightest and most promising minds; individuals who are committed to sharing their subject matter expertise with students.

When determining which teachers would be the best fit for our school, we consider a variety of important factors. For Subject Expert Teachers, we require a degree representing their expertise in a particular discipline and/or significant teaching experience in the subject they want to teach. For Learning Expert Teachers, we often look for candidates with degrees in either early childhood or elementary education. Our SET/LET teaching model is one of the cornerstones of our acclaimed curriculum. 

After several rounds of interviews, we invite finalists to the school to give a teaching demonstration. This is a 20 minute lesson where they demonstrate how they would structure their class. During these demos, we focus less on content and more on student engagement and interaction.

Because we are in the fortunate position of often having far more applicants than we have job openings, we are able to be quite selective in this process. We only hire those teachers who can recreate that spark that is an unmistakable component of a BASIS Independent classroom. 

What kind of transportation is offered?

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Zum for paid carpool service to school for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.

Zum is a door-to-door service with drivers trained to ensure your children arrive at their destination safely and follow any parent-provided instructions for hand-off. They offer both carpools and individual rides.

What type of extracurricular activities do you offer?

We offer a tremendous variety of extracurricular and athletic activities, always based on the school's student and teacher interests.

Which standardized tests do your students take?

Our students take internationally recognized tests such as the PISA and the ISA, in addition to the College Boards APs and PSAT. The SAT and ACT are optional but heartily recommended. We do not take the Common Core or the Regents or any other state-mandated tests. 

Do you offer financial aid?

At this time we do not offer any financial aid. We do offer tuition payment plans in one, two, or ten installations.

What resources will you have in your school for students with special needs?

We will not have resources on campuses for many special needs, however we will work diligently and energetically with the parents of students who meet our admissions criteria, to find them the best outside resources and to make available space in the schools for tutorial sessions. We will also not maintain a school psychologist, but likewise we will assist with recommendations.

Ask any experienced BASIS Independent teacher what a BASIS Independent student looks like and they will give you this very straightforward answer: A BASIS Independent student works hard, asks questions and helps other people.

Our teachers and administrators have a long and successful record of supporting, challenging and inspiring students who require various learning accommodations. All we ask is that the student is willing to work. At BASIS Independent Schools we build on that educational competency.

Above all, our strong and results-oriented support team of teachers and administrators never gives up on a student.

What distinguishes BASIS Independent schools from BASIS charter schools?

BASIS Independent schools and BASIS charter schools are both managed by BASIS Curriculum Schools, an education management company. All BASIS Curriculum Schools feature the tested, refined, and proven educational philosophy and learning approach that has been developed since 1998 and is now in place in 21 schools across the United States and internationally.

However, BASIS Independent Schools are distinctive in our lower student-to-teacher ratio, cutting-edge academic facilities and our significantly enhanced athletic, fine arts, theater, dance, and music facilities. A part of the mission of the educators at BASIS Independent Schools is to "do as we say"—we always state that the relationship between teachers and students is the heart of our schools.

What is a for-profit independent school?

Outside the United States most private schools, especially new private schools, are for-profit. The United States is an anomaly in this regard.

A for-profit independent school is a business. The school is owned by its investors and like any business, to thrive the school must satisfy its customers, our parents, guardians, and grandparents, who pay the tuition. Our objective as a business is simple: to offer an internationally-acclaimed learning experience at an exceptional value.

BASIS Independent Schools break the traditional, elitist model of private education. There is no self-perpetuating Board of Trustees made up of influential parents and significant donors. There will be no fundraising whatsoever in any of our schools. The Head of School at a BASIS Independent School is thus liberated from significant conflict-of-interest issues and is able to focus entirely on his or her educational mission: managing teachers and ensuring the quality of the learning culture.