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Welcome to the Beehive!

Here at BASIS Independent Fremont, we are part of a hive of families, students, educators, and administrators. Like a beehive, each member of our community has worked to help build and sustain our school into what it is today. We share the common goal of participating in a program that is unparalleled in preparing students to face whatever challenges come their way, and we must all contribute to ensure our students are constantly equipped with the know-how, confidence, and drive to do so. 

We offer many ways for families to stay in touch with us and get a glimpse into our school community. We invite you to explore our campus platforms and stay in touch with use on social media or by joining our interest list.  

Events at BASIS Independent Fremont

We also host a number of exciting events throughout the year for students and families! Here are just a few events to look forward to this upcoming year: 

  • Extracurricular fair
  • School Carnival
  • Halloween Mixer
  • International Day
  • Spirit Week
  • Valentine's Dance
  • Talent Showcase
  • Spring Gala